Reaver v1.5.2 WiFi Protected Setup Attack Tool
Copyright (c) 2011, Tactical Network Solutions, Craig Heffner <>
mod by t6_x <> & DataHead & Soxrok2212

Required Arguments:
    -i, --interface=<wlan>          Name of the monitor-mode interface to use
    -b, --bssid=<mac>               BSSID of the target AP

Optional Arguments:
    -m, --mac=<mac>                 MAC of the host system
    -e, --essid=<ssid>              ESSID of the target AP
    -c, --channel=<channel>         Set the 802.11 channel for the interface (implies -f)
    -o, --out-file=<file>           Send output to a log file [stdout]
    -s, --session=<file>            Restore a previous session file
    -C, --exec=<command>            Execute the supplied command upon successful pin recovery
    -D, --daemonize                 Daemonize reaver
    -a, --auto                      Auto detect the best advanced options for the target AP
    -f, --fixed                     Disable channel hopping
    -5, --5ghz                      Use 5GHz 802.11 channels
    -v, --verbose                   Display non-critical warnings (-vv for more)
    -q, --quiet                     Only display critical messages
    -K  --pixie-dust=<number>       [1] Run pixiewps with PKE, PKR, E-Hash1, E-Hash2 and E-Nonce (Ralink, Broadcom, Realtek)
    -Z, --no-auto-pass              Do NOT run reaver to auto retrieve WPA password if Pixiewps attack is successful
    -h, --help                      Show help

Advanced Options:
    -p, --pin=<wps pin>             Use the specified 4 or 8 digit WPS pin
    -d, --delay=<seconds>           Set the delay between pin attempts [1]
    -l, --lock-delay=<seconds>      Set the time to wait if the AP locks WPS pin attempts [60]
    -g, --max-attempts=<num>        Quit after num pin attempts
    -x, --fail-wait=<seconds>       Set the time to sleep after 10 unexpected failures [0]
    -r, --recurring-delay=<x:y>     Sleep for y seconds every x pin attempts
    -t, --timeout=<seconds>         Set the receive timeout period [5]
    -T, --m57-timeout=<seconds>     Set the M5/M7 timeout period [0.20]
    -A, --no-associate              Do not associate with the AP (association must be done by another application)
    -N, --no-nacks                  Do not send NACK messages when out of order packets are received
    -S, --dh-small                  Use small DH keys to improve crack speed
    -L, --ignore-locks              Ignore locked state reported by the target AP
    -E, --eap-terminate             Terminate each WPS session with an EAP FAIL packet
    -n, --nack                      Target AP always sends a NACK [Auto]
    -w, --win7                      Mimic a Windows 7 registrar [False]
    -X, --exhaustive                Set exhaustive mode from the beginning of the session [False]
    -1, --p1-index                  Set initial array index for the first half of the pin [False]
    -2, --p2-index                  Set initial array index for the second half of the pin [False]
    -P, --pixiedust-loop            Set into PixieLoop mode (doesn't send M4, and loops through to M3) [False]
    -W, --generate-pin              Default Pin Generator by devttys0 team [1] Belkin [2] D-Link

    reaver -i mon0 -b 00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -vv -K 1


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